Monday, January 12, 2009

What's the Opposite of Christmas in July?

(I'm on vacation!)

So, what is the opposite of Christmas in July? Why, a beach vacation in January, of course! I've been wanting to post these pictures of Jacob the "golden shepherd" and Amos the smooth collie mix for some time, but I only recently got electronic access to them. For those of you who, like me, are trying to find ways to endure the cold, I hope that these will warm you up. All photos were taken by my fiance J, who has a way with a camera, during our trip to the Outer Banks last August.

(Wave? What wave?)

BBFE-JWP ("best butt fluff ever-John Wayne Pose")

(I am happy)

(Very, very happy!)

(Hey, do you think they'd let me drive that dune buggy? Collies are excellent drivers!)

(Little Amos and the great big sea)

(I caught a sand crab. What did you catch?)

(We're not up to anything; we swear!)

(Ha ha -- you guys fell for that? Of course we were up to something!)

(Wow, that girl lab sure is pretty! And look at how she swims!)

(The answer to your question yes -- I am always this good looking)

(See, really, I am -- even with sand on my nose)

(Wow - what a fun day!)

Amos and Jacob say that they had an excellent time at the beach, and they hope that you had fun looking at their pictures.


Barry said...

What a hansom could of dudes!

They must have been driving all the beach bunnies crazy!

Or maybe they're not into bunnies?

Lane said...

Happy faces. Lolling tongues. Those boys look like they've had a day to remember.


Barbara said...

Did Lincoln feel left out? Why is it those dogs get to have all the fun? No wonder he likes to torment them!

Reya Mellicker said...

No doubt about it - Amos and Jacob have the butt fluff thing down to a science. Oh yeah!

Blonde Lab said...

Hi Fellas,

Loved the pics. Call me sometime.

The Girl Lab

Cyndy said...

I love seeing dogs smile. There's just something about it.

Susan said...

lovely perfect happy dog photos !

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Please tell Amos and Jacob that I had great fun looking at their pictures. Many thanks!

Our Neckshund dog, Hals, sends his regards - "Woof!"

e said...

Happy Birthday from a new reader! Enjoy your vacation.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday, Adrianne..........another new reader :)

Angela said...

Here is an "old" reader who wishes you a wonderful birthday!! May all your secret wishes be fulfilled! I so like our conversations!

SJW said...

Happy Birthday Adrianne.
Here's to a wonderful year.

Andrea said...

Stopped by via a comment on Barry's glad I did! Wonderful photos of the dogs!! Thank you for sharing. :)

Val said...

how lovely - those handsome dogs, lovely beach...think I will come along next time :-)

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Thanks for making me smile... Always love photos of pups having fun!!!

Steve said...

Great pics, although that beach looks cold -- probably just because it's FREEZING here today.

I especially like the "sand crab" shot. :)