Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some Dogs Will Do Anything for More Cookies

J's brother and sister-in-law and their dog, Sassie Sue, are fond of baking and decorating dog cookies to send to our dogs, Jacob and Amos. Last night, J discovered that our boys apparently will stop at nothing, even if it includes temporarily fraternizing with a cat, to coax our relatives who bake into sending more cookies their way.

Amos and Jacob apparently took, and added captions to, the two photos below. They then sent these photos to "Santa T" (aka J's brother) in an e-mail in which Amos pleaded for help and more home-baked cookies.

Although I find this behavior to be shameless in the extreme, I must admit that it is not bad work for a couple of creatures who lack opposable thumbs. I take this as further evidence that herding dogs really are the smartest dogs.

(Jacob pretending to be held hostage by Lincoln)

(Amos wearing the most pitiful look I've seen since the day I chose him at the animal shelter)


Barbara said...

So what does Lincoln get out of the deal? He at least deserves a ransom for releasing his captive! Maybe some gourmet catnip...

Dogs can really put us humans on a guilt trip, yes? Jake's pathetic whining with Kong in mouth today was sufficient to get me outside to throw it for him until he refused to fetch any longer.

Reya Mellicker said...

Awwww ... poor Amos.

From what you've written about Lincoln, I can only assume Jacob knows what he's talking about!

Val said...

very funny and CLEVER DOGS DESERVE COOKIES.... i would bake them if i could :-)

Angela said...

Paco always eats everything that doesn`t fight back. But he had that look on his face, too, when we met him at the dog shelter, and even though he has stolen many things from our kitchen, I forgive him. He used to be a Spanish thief, and what can you expect from such a childhood?