Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Long Weekend Spent Appreciating Nature

After a weekend spent rescuing our front yard and our neighbor's tree box, what did J and I do yesterday? We went to the National Arboretum and wandered around marveling at nature and taking pictures for at least two hours. The fall colors are just now beginning to emerge in the DC area, but despite still being very green the arboretum was gorgeous, as always.

The arboretum was hosting its annual orchid show and as a consequence had tons of visitors, which rarely happens. The orchids, which were judged and awarded ribbons the previous day, were on display in an exhibit room. I wish that you all could have smelled, as well as seen, that room. The orchids were exquisite, like a kind of very fine living art work, and they had one of most intoxicating smells I've ever experienced. I could only stand being amid the orchids for about 5 minutes before the sights and especially the smells put me into sensory overload, but it was an amazing experience while it lasted.

In addition to the wonders of the plant world, the clouds yesterday were so spectacularly beautiful as to defy all description. It was as if all the known cloud types, plus a few new ones, were present all at once. Watching the clouds move yesterday convinced me that the angels and the other spirits are up to something. In contrast to all the mess that's going on here below, I sense that the goings one up above are all good. Maybe the spirits in the clouds will send much-needed rain to my blogging friends in Africa. I have included a couple of cloud photos in this post, but for even better examples of what the DC sky had to offer yesterday, check out J's blog and also a friend's blog.

(Clouds of all kinds)

(Clouds billowing like smoke and flames)

(Clouds flowing like a river)

(Angels in the air)

(Tree or wishbone - you decide)

(Busy bee)

(Mossy fallen tree trunk, side view)

(Mossy fallen tree trunk, top view)

(Delicate web)

(Sea of green)

(Fallen leaves on fallen tree)


(First fall color)


Barbara said...

I may just have to head over to the Arboretum before all this color disappears into winter. The pictures of both above and below are spectacular.

As for orchids, I find them to be perhaps the most beautiful, most mysterious plants on the earth. But I don't trust myself to grow and tend one.

Virtual Voyage said...

Beautiful. Especially enjoyed the macro with the cobweb. Would have loved to have seen the orchid display - we have similar at Wisley RHS garden in Surrey.

willow said...

We did the same thing here on Sunday. I think maybe we have more color over here. You must be a little further south. Lovely macro shots! And the conifer pic is fabulous!

Cyndy said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! We took our very first trip to the Arboretum earlier this summer to look at the crape myrtles. What a beautiful place.

Angela said...

Thank you for the photos! The Arboretum...that sounds like I place I would like to go to. Thanks for letting me almost be there with you!

Pod said...

i love the wishbone tree and the mossiness
i think the wishbone tree leads to somewhere else
i had a tree-y dream last night
(thank you for your visit)

Steve said...

Great photos! It's funny that you and Reya both noticed the variety in the sky. Keep looking up! :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Beautiful pics! Love the flowing cloud shots. I also love the flowers with the bee tilting into the sun, and the moss, and I always love the conifers. When I look up the hill at those big pines, they look like the Reiki long-distance symbol, at least to me.


SJW said...

You have a real talent with that camera Adrianne - beautiful photos - thanks.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

What gorgeous photos, you're so lucky to enjoy such vibrant autumn colour. As for your clouds, strange, I have clouds that look very similar rolling past my window as I type... The angels and spirits must definitely be up to something!

Val said...

beautiful beautiful post- always so much to appreciate in nature and hidden metaphors that teach us how to live. Your photos are fabulous! thank you x

bulletholes said...

nmicwe clouds! you know there is a society for that?