Monday, October 13, 2008

Gardening Pics

Here's some pictorial evidence that J and I really did spend most of the weekend gardening. I meant to post these yesterday but was having some technical difficulty adding and moving pictures. Better late than never, I suppose!

("Velvet faces")

(Decorative cabbage, which the guy at the nursery had to
coax me to buy, but which I now actually kinda like)

(Green moss, chosen and planted by J earlier this year)

(Goldilocks, which we're hoping will take over a portion
of our front bed)

(Blooming gerbera daisy, which was a gift from a friend,
with hosta bloom in foreground)

(Very leggy, and thus far underutilized, herbs - tending them
yesterday has renewed my commitment to use them so they
don't get so out of control)

(The tree box's new look -- I wish we'd taken "before" pics,
because the change is really dramatic (the liriope is planted
too close together, but we had lots to offload))

(Aerial view of front bed, with more divided liriope, again
planted too close together -- hey, if anyone in the DC area
needs some liriope, let me know!)

(Aerial view of hosta bed (they're also planted too close
together, for the same reason as the liriope))

(Close-up view of front bed -- goldilocks and pansies)

(The bed nearest the house, with new snapdragons and
pansies for color, and new phlox that we hope will spread
all the way across the front edge and spill over the brick border)


Lane said...

You've been working hard! It looks beautiful.

I love the ornamental cabbages and the variety of leaves you've used.

Reya Mellicker said...

Love the pics! The interplay of sunlight and shadow is especially beautiful.

Love pansies. In folklore they say that pansies bring heart's ease and heart's desire. Don't every one of us in this country need a dose of that right now!

willow said...

Lovely fall planting! Nothing as therapeutic as working in the garden with that wonderful smell of fresh dirt!

Barbara said...

You've done a wonderful job of landscaping. Sometimes I wish I had a smaller yard because I might get motivated to spend the time to make it more beautiful. As it is, I tend to seek a design that is natural and pretty much takes care of itself.

Maybe I'll get inspired after seeing these lovely pictures!

Virtual Voyage said...

This is lovely. I get a similar pleasure out of visiting the large ornamental gardens we have round here and used to do a lot of gardening. Now prefer a minimalist approach with a couple of sculptures - upkeep is easier!
One of your herbs resembles Greek basil.

Aileen said...

I am sooooo jealous! I have zero ability when it comes to gardening or landscaping, or even keeping a plant alive!

I have a small plot of land in front of my condo that looks woefully sad in comparison to my neighbors...some of your talent would really help me!

Angela said...

My neighbour runs a nail studio where she does elaborate nails for her customers. Every time she sees my "garden hands" she screams of horror("You must wear GLOVES!") - and I smile and assure her that I JUST LOVE the feeling of earth and water and the occasional earth worm on my hands, and that gloves would keep all the pleasure away from me. Gardening is much better than luxurious nails - that is the good thing about a certain age, YOU decide about your priorities!