Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Magic of Cleaning

I spent most of this beautiful Thursday cleaning the house from top to bottom, doing laundry, changing linens, and washing dishes. Now the house is all bright, sparkly, clean, and fresh, and I am reaping the benefits of a good day's work. I also am feeling a great deal brighter myself. It's as if the act of clearing all of the dust and dirt out of the house also has cleared all the cobwebs and other mental obstructions out of my head. Amazing how that works sometimes!

I want to say a special thank you to everyone who has commented on yesterday's post. Each comment has provided a unique and important insight about how to decipher the phenomenon of being haunted by animals in distress, particularly dogs. I thought that I had developed a full explanation earlier this afternoon, but a new comment just arrived that has provided yet another line of enquiry that I need to pursue and add to my analytical mix. I do believe that I will find a satisfying answer, though, and that belief alone already makes me feel a lot better. Thanks again to all who helped -- when I come up with The Answer, I'll let you know what it is!


willow said...

I was in the ultra scrubbing mood today, too! Maybe it was the bright sun exposing all the dust and spider webs. Or maybe just too much time spent with the black box. A few days ago, my last choice was "grime" and it actually dropped me into my own blog! I took it as a hint.

Barbara said...

I get immediate satisfaction from any sort of cleaning, but I soon forget to notice the sparkle and take it for granted. A refrigerator is the worst because it so quickly gets filled up again with old food and leftovers.

I'm not sure I have ever cleaned my house from top to bottom, definitely not in one day. As someone we both know would say, "I salute you!"

Virtual Voyage said...

Good mental tonic, spring cleaning.
Your post makes me itch to get started...

re yesterday - it occurred to me that thinking or writing about dog related incidents or concerns in childhood might give you a clearer perspective on how you feel now, if that's any help.

Reya Mellicker said...

Clean house, clean mind. That is my mantra (even though my room often gets really dirty before I remember how much cleaning helps.

As within, so without. The alchemists knew exactly what they were talking about.