Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank you and Farewell to the Sock Puppet Woman

Today I said thank you and farewell to the Sock Puppet Woman.

A convergence of several events and revelations over the last two days got me worked up into an incredible snit on this topic, which in turn brought me back what I believe to be some universal truths, which in turn brought me to a place of peace. The whole story is a long one, even by my standards, and a couple parts of it would risk revealing the SPW's true identity. I therefore cannot in good faith tell all (it is at moments like these that I wish I had chosen to blog anonymously -- sigh, sigh), but I will tell some.

The part of this story that allowed all the other important pieces (including all the insights contained in the comments on my initial SPW post) to click together and present a solution was my walk around the cemetery this morning with one of my favorite dog-walking Bodhisattvas. She reminded me of some things that I have believed for a while now, namely that all human beings are connected to one another (whether or not we like or recognize it, we are all one), and the peskiest bugaboos that we have with one another present us with the most powerful opportunities to learn and heal. "When you think of this person, hold her dearly in your heart, knowing that you are essentially the same, and say 'thank you, Precious Teacher,'" said the wise and wonderful Xine. That, combined with my long-standing suspicion that a large part of why I have trouble with the SPW is because she reminds me a great deal of myself in certain respects, somehow allowed all that venom that had been gnawing away my solar plexus to drift away. I felt incredibly light and at peace as feelings of compassion for a fellow human being who is worthy of happiness and respect filled the space that the venom had just left.

When I got home from the dog-walking cemetery, I reached out to this particular Precious Teacher as a person instead of a sock puppet. It is possible that this action may pave the way for a new and genuine friendship -- wouldn't *that* be something -- depending on if and how she responds. I think it is entirely possible that I could learn as much from this person, as a person, as I learned from her in her guise as the SPW, and I also think that perhaps she could learn a thing or two from me. Regardless of the response I get (or lack thereof), just knowing that I am able now to reach out to this person with a kind and open heart makes me feel a whole lot better.

So, thank you and farewell Sock Puppet Woman; hello Precious Teacher and, I hope, Friend. Although I don't know what on earth I'm going to do with all the time and energy that this recent development frees up! Maybe I'll finally get back to work on that novel. . . . (: )


Angela said...

I am impressed! Congratulations, Adrianne! You have not only made a step but a big leap towards wisdom! Yes, who knows for what goals this new freedom of thought and peace of mind have liberated you (is that a word?) I am interested in her reaction!

SJW said...

Hi Adrianne,
I'm not at all sure what to make of you SPW situation - it certainly sounds like you are moving forward with this situation, which can only be good. Mmovement that is - not being stuck.

But what I really wanted to say - having finally gotten around to catching up on your last few posts - is that you write beautifully. Now, perhaps you happily have the time to write and re-draft and correct your blog postsn umpteen times, but whether or which, I find your writing to be clear and lyrical and easy to read.

On the meme thing by the way (and sorry I haven't followed up on being tagged yet - I didn't know enough other bloggers is the truth) ... as far as I know it is a term coined by Richard Dawkins (of God Delusion fame)in an earlier book, but I could be very wrong there.


SJW said...

mmmm - thought you could come back to edit comments in blogland - sorry for the typos!

Adrianne said...

Angela -- many thanks, as always. That is a big complement coming from you. Oh, and which word left you wondering? They all looked fine to me!

SJW -- thanks as well, especially for the "lyrical" part! That also is a great complement, esp. coming from an Irishwoman who is related to James Joyce. I'm glad to see you back at the Bodhi Tree, and no worries about typos. Mine clutter a whole host of comment sections out there. (: )

Adrianne said...

P.S. to SJW -- Ulysses also pointed to the Dawkins book as a place that conspicuously uses the word "meme" when he commented on the origina SPW post. I probably should acquire a copy of this book -- sounds as if it's right up my alley.

Pod said...

so true so true
tis always good to try and learn/see the positive from things/people that seem so negative
thanks for your cheery visit!

Val said...

congratulations!! great news.... thanks for taking us with you on this great journey xx

Val said...

congratulations!! great news.... thanks for taking us with you on this great journey xx

Reya Mellicker said...

Excellent news! Bravo!!

You work so hard on everything you attempt. You are mighty.


Cyndy said...

That's really cool. Reaching out is so much better than running away especially if the person is receptive. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.