Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall, All of a Sudden

Last year, at around this time, I had felt the coming of fall in early August and then waited on pins and needles for the autumn to settle in for good amid recurring lapses of hot of humid. Not this year. After a cool spring and summer, punctuated by about 3 weeks of blistering heat and humidity, fall, all of a sudden, is upon us. I really do think that perhaps it's here for real. All week it's supposed to be in the low to mid 70s during the day and the low 60s or high 50s or night. The leaves are rustling, the spirits in the dog walking graveyard are stirring, the air is clear and crisp, and the earth is cooling. Fall, all of an abrupt sudden, is upon us. Welcome, as always, my favorite season.


Merle Sneed said...

Fall? I dream of November if we are lucky.

Barbara said...

It's so refreshing to open the door and be greeted by that cool, crisp air. Even though it always gives way to the grays of winter, fall is such a glorious season, I agree.

Steve said...

It's amazing, isn't it? I love not needing the a/c at night!

karen said...

I do enjoy the changes of seasons. For us, of course, it's suddenly springtime! Beautiful photo..

Anastasia said...

I really really love Fall!! Wish we saw more of a noticeable change(leaves changing colors and such) here in North Florida. It is still nice though! I feel the air beginning to get cooler. :) :) :)

Reya Mellicker said...

I bet we'll have some more hot days before it's all said and done, but yes yes this year autumn is early and I'm so glad about it!

Can't wait for the leaves to start changing (imagine me jumping up and down).

Barry said...

We had a wet cool mummer and a warm dry September.

Now we will see what the Fall brings.

Most likely a world of beauty as the leaves change.

Angela said...

It`s harvest time in Northern Germany! My neighbours gave me so many pears and apples and plums, I am busy preserving them for the winter. Our Thanksgiving Celebration is already in early October, then the churches are full with all the ripe goodies from our gardens: carrots and leek and zucchini and tomatoes and pumpkins and grain. Yes, fall is a lovely colorful time! And one to be thankful.

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